I'm ErikaYates

A Wife // Mom // Brand Designer // writer // JEsus lover who thrives serving other creative business owners + watching their success unfold.

It's the best

We exist to serve you with no hidden agenda and all of our hearts.

I've loved art for as long as I can remember. My mom always said that I just danced to the beat of my own drum as a child. I remember struggling with structure and rules & art seemed to give me the freedom to let go of both.

It gave me the freedom to express myself without fear. To feel all of my feelings in a safe space with no judgment. To inspire others and to challenge myself to grow in the process. 

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OUr origin Story

Would you gasp if we said we never actually planned this thing?

YUP, you read that right. TSDC was not even a dust bunny under our couch until COVID hit. I was working full-time as a children's pastor when I felt God calling me to a new + different kind of ministry. A ministry outside of the four walls of the church where I could serve people right where they were. A way to build connection, love others, and inspire change through design...

enter The Sparrow Design Co

"Intentional branding should always inspire, evoke emotion, + bridge
the gap between a problem + it's solution.

Erika Yates

As i started connecting with the design community, I realized something truly heartbreaking...

It was all about high prices and INTENSE competition - and I hated that for business owners who were desperate for help they could afford as well as my fellow designers who were longing for community + support in this dog eat dog industry. 

So with the support of my incredible husband, we launched TSDC with the primary goal of changing the norm within the design world. I had NO desire to overcharge creative business owners OR turn away community for the sake of protecting my own success and income. We exist to meet creative entrepreneurs where they are - and give them everything we have to offer with no red tape, outrageous prices, or bad intentions. 

We have built our entire business around helping people find their worth and identity in both their lives and their businesses. We know how terrifying it can be to invest in yourself - take it from two people who took that leap themselves. We let our own individual fears keep us from living the life we always dreamed of for YEARS. It's not fun. It's not healthy. It's not what you deserve. 

You deserve a brand identity + website that gives you the tools you need to make your dreams a reality. You deserve the absolute best - for you AND your business. So if you're ready to let go of your fears and jump in the deep end with us, click here.

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